Sound and Thermal Control

Raptor Coatings


Protect your interior and undercarriage with durable Raptor coatings.  

3M Seam Sealer


Remove and replace your worn and dry rotted seam sealer for a quieter ride and weather protection between sheet metal seams.

Dynamat and Second Skin Sound Deadener


Drop the road noise level in your interior by adding a second layer of sound control with Dynamat or Second Skin.These adhesive backed sheets can be applied to almost every interior panel for amazing sound control results.

Lizard Skin Sound Control


Lizard Skin is a textured sound control undercoating with great durability. It also comes in a ceramic formula great for floor pans and firewalls.

Acoustic Foam Insulation


These tiles greatly reduce sound reverberation and body panel vibrations. We highly recommend this step to optimize the sound quality of your car audio systems.

Carpet and Jute


Insulate floorboards and help remove more of your remaining road noise by installing a new jute and carpet kit.