How much will it cost? Budget & estimates.

What to expect.

So you've decided you want to restore your classic car or truck and you would like a price. Since we cannot see all the issues with the vehicle without having it in bare metal it is impossible to give a fixed price to restore it. 

If we determine the metal work on your vehicle is 100% ready for bodywork and paint, we can give you an estimate for those services. Most restoration shops will not do this for you, but we will. If you would like materials added to your estimate we will need the type of paint finish you want and the color code for pricing. This will determine the level of quality you want and establish a budget that works for you. Services other than bodywork and paint are charged per labor hour. We have competitive pricing so we encourage you to check other shop rates before contacting us to compare the best value.

Working within your budget.

Once we disassemble your vehicle we can have it media blasted to remove the old paint, body filler and rust. This is the first step to revealing what sheet metal issues need to be addressed. Once we repair your interior and exterior sheet metal we can come up with an estimate to complete the bodywork and paint process. 

Time frame.

Restoring a vehicle can be a costly and timely process depending on it's present condition, previous repairs, severity of rust and type of vehicle. The better the condition of your vehicle, the faster and more cost effective the restoration will be. 

is your project laying around at a shop that is taking a year to finish your car? 

We pride ourselves on our body and paint process because we achieve top quality results in a shorter amount of time. You want your vehicle completed so you can enjoy driving it. We will get through the scope of work on your vehicle as quickly as possible and make your budget go further.