Kit Car Assembly

Building your kit car

Whether you have an old kit project laying around you would like to finish or your looking for a new kit, we can help you build it. If your kit has damaged fiberglass panels we can repair or possibly rebuild them. 

We have assembled mainly 34 Ford coupes, 356 Porsche Speedsters and Porsche 550 Spyder replicas. We can assemble your chassis, brakes system, fuel system, electric and body. 

These cars and trucks can be tricky to put together or mate to a donor chassis. Also the replica & kit manufactures build quality can make a big difference in the build time. Typically when shopping for a kit you get what you pay for so we recommend high quality. If you have a Beck replica that needs assembly or general repairs we know these cars inside and out.

We have also helped customers get through the fun part of getting their kits registered with the state of Colorado. If you do not have your original MSO for your kit you can apply for a duplicate. There are a few forms to file with the DMV and Colorado state patrol. You will also send hard printed

photos of your car. Set an appointment to bring your assembled vehicle to the state patrol for inspection of the engine and chassis numbers. The state will later issue you a COLOID tag to be installed at the state patrol academy in Golden C.O.

Learn More

Click the link below for more information about registering a kit car in the state of Colorado..