Imports and European


Porsche 356 air cooled engine.

Properly restore your 356 engine tins and parts with correct color matched paints and coatings. 



These engine bays have many parts inside with several colors,  sheen's and textured coatings.

We can properly match your factory textured coatings on the entire vehicle.



The Ghibli engine bay is a beautiful site when properly restored. Texture replication is very important. Refinish your intake air box with correct satin black. Replicate high temp wrinkle coatings on your cylinder heads & cam covers.

Aston Martin


A DB4-DB5 engine bay is a mix of polished and plated metals. These cars are very rare and valuable so they require special attention to detail when restoring.

We have you covered because we know these cars and their finishes inside and out. 



Freshen up the engine bay on that Xk. We know this is a drivers car and they can take years of abuse on the road and keep running. 

Texture Matching

We will match the factory textured pattern and sheen of your engine bay, interior and undercarriage

We can match the factory textured pattern and sheen of any engine bay, interior and undercarriage.